OBD Tracker with WiFi Hotspot

Seamless Cellular Connection

Automatically roam among AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon to provide the best converage.

Data only SIM card. No Voice.

Multi-carrier SIM Cards

Seemless Connection

“ Large carriers tend to burden customers with costly plans, restrictive contracts, hidden fees, and subpar customer service, offering a less customer-centric experience overall.”

We take what is wrong with wireless and make it right. Our approach is customer-centric, offering affordable, contract-free plans, transparent pricing, and exceptional support. We prioritize your needs, ensuring you have access to seamless, multi-carrier data connectivity without the hassles.

Our Advantages

Multi-Carrier: Enhanced Coverage

Seamlessly switch between carriers for wider network coverage.

Flexibility: Tailored Plans

Customize your data plan to match your usage and budget.

No Contract: Freedom of Choice

Enjoy the convenience of contract-free, commitment-free service.

Tech Support: Expert Assistance

Access responsive and knowledgeable technical support whenever you need it.

Cost-Efficient: Budget-Friendly

Affordable data plans without hidden fees or overage charges.

Reliable: Uninterrupted Connectivity

Stay connected with dependable data service, no matter where you are.

Seamless Connection

Experience unparalleled connectivity with our data-only SIM card. Enjoy excellent coverage, so you're always connected, whether you're in bustling urban areas or off the beaten path. Stay in touch effortlessly.

SIM Cards

Connectivity Devices

GPS Trackers

Many customers face the frustration of purchasing GPS trackers that fail to function in the US. At our service, we've sourced top-quality devices and guarantee their compatibility with our SIM card, ensuring seamless and reliable tracking solutions for your peace of mind.

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Connectivity Devices

Security Camera

Ideal for country houses, construction sites, etc. With wire-free feature, this 4G security camera is portable and you can easily install it anywhere without WiFi coverage. Connect to Reolink Solar Panel, it will get nonstop power supply and free you from charging the battery.

Being able to pan 355°and tilt 140° increases the flexibility of the LTE solar camera to get the perfect view. See everything in vivid details with the 2K Super HD resolution, get more clarity than ever before.

The advanced technology of analyzing person and vehicle shapes offers accurate detection to the cellular security camera, thus greatly reducing the false alarms on trivial objects’ movements. Instant alerts like push or email with attachment (text/picture) can be sent to notify you in time.

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